University HealthCare Alliance

March 21, 2019

UHA’s Quality Efforts – Improving Hypertension Control

Internal Medicine provider, Dr. Rachel Roberts of Collaborative Primary Care (CPC) in Los Gatos takes her quality metrics seriously. Since UHA’s top priority in FY19 is quality, Dr. Roberts shares her best practices of utilizing Team-Based Care to significantly improve on her hypertension control.  Currently the metrics show that her denominator is 76 patients, and from baseline, her improvement has increased a staggering 19%! How did she do it you might ask? Click Here to read Dr. Roberts’ input as to how these improvements were achieved. 

Also featured are Dr. Stanley Ng, Internal Medicine doctor at ValleyCare Physicians Associates (VCPA) in Livermore,  Dr. William Broad, Family Medicine doctor at Family Medicine Samaritan Family Los Gatos (FMSLG), and Dr. Vijay Mirmira of Alameda Family Physicians, who are uncovering best practice success stories across the country and implementing them in their clinics. Their work is helping to create and fine tune protocols around quality improvements efforts.