University HealthCare Alliance

March 08, 2016

UHA Provider Wellness Action Plan

In late 2015, we asked all UHA providers to rank their top frustrations that impact their workplace wellness. Here’s what you said:

Provider Wellness-Pain Points

We plan to address the top 4 frustrations this year and here’s our Action Plan.

  1. Proximity badges/Epic efficiency: Information Technology Services (ITS) has committed to deploying proximity badge login capability, also known as “Tap N’ Go,” in 2016. The timeline is under review and we’ll share it shortly. Epic efficiency is a larger, long term effort to drive enhancement to the EMR and is an ongoing focus of ITS.
  2. Speech-to-text dictation software: A speech-to-text dictation software product, “Dragon NaturallySpeaking,” is slated to be deployed in 2016. We’ll announce the timeline soon.
  3. Greater control of schedules: We know that control of schedules correlates with burn-out and we heard you say this is a top frustration. We are working on correctly identifying the problem and creating a work group to help implement solutions. We started brainstorming with our Provider Wellness Champions and we’ll do site visits and brainstorming with you to make this better.
  4. MA Professional Development: We know a strong team makes your work easier and are collecting resources to distribute to help you. UHA currently offers 3 classes for Medical Assistants in Health Stream. A clinical refresher is available called “309 MA Clinical Competency Program.” Additionally, Menlo Medical Clinic has shared their successful Lunch and Learn Professional Development program, created by Dr. Kelly Traver. If you’d like to teach the program at your site, email us for a copy of the lessons.

Provider wellness is a priority and we’re available to help. Please contact us any time at

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