University HealthCare Alliance

October 11, 2016

UHA Launches Peer Support Program

Message sent on behalf of UHA Provider Wellness Program

We are very happy to announce the launch of UHA’s Peer Support Program! The program, similar to that at SHC’s Palo Alto hospital, is designed to assist providers after a difficult clinical event or during litigation.  Research has shown that, after a traumatic clinical event, providers are often reluctant to talk to their colleagues and seek comfort.  These events can have negative effects on the healthcare team and can also have a significant impact on a provider’s family life. As clinicians, these are some of the most challenging times in our career!

This process is strictly confidential and conversations are protected against legal discovery. No details of the situation are shared and no notes are kept.

For assistance, providers can contact directly, or peers may confidentially refer their colleagues to the program through the email listed above. Please find a brochure of frequently asked questions about the program here.

*Please note: the program supports all UHA Providers

These events can have a profound effect on involved providers. In a non-intrusive and convenient manner, peer support can help to counteract common feelings of fear, anxiety, shame and isolation after an adverse event. This collegial support is foundational in building a healthy provider community at UHA.    

To help spread this message, we ask that Provider Wellness Champions announce this program at their provider meetings.  Additionally, Practice Administrators may want to communicate this information to all practice managers and post the brochure on Visibility Walls.