University HealthCare Alliance

April 26, 2019

UHA Celebrates the Epic Concierge Program!

Never has a program been so enthusiastically received than the EPIC Concierge program. Not only did the initial enrollment in the 2016 launch exceed expectations, but providers were clamoring for more, and the 2018 iteration did not disappoint!

It is no secret that electronic medical records systems have been a challenge for medical providers nation-wide, and in 2016 Stanford Health Care began its aggressive journey to counterbalance this.

Epic Concierge. Get efficient. Your time. Your way is as a 1:1 voluntary physician training intended for every provider.  Participation in a personalized needs assessment, professional observation, and individualized training is promoted through a physician champion-driven model.  Structured but individualized curricula are provided with pre/post analysis.
Committed to professional fulfillment and efficiency in practice, UHA Leadership resourced the program in 2019 to be available to the providers at a more regular and recurring cadence. The program thrives at building on existing competencies for Epic efficiency through regular cyclic process twice a year across all UHA clinics. The approach has also become more comprehensive by partnering with teams to integrate training of additional competencies (e.g. Quality) and by coordinating group training sessions for clinical staff with provider training.
Key Achievements for FY2019:
  • Epic Concierge has been offered to 306 providers, of which 286 enrolled (93%)
  • Of which 35% were new Providers, receiving Concierge for the first time
  • Of the 28 clinic groups that received the program, 18 clinics had 100% provider participation
  • 27 RN/MA Concierge Group Training Sessions conducted
  • Partnership with Quality Team to include Quality Metrics training as part of Concierge
  • Post program follow-up surveys show a 99% Likelihood-to-Recommend Score.
Next Steps:
  1. The program is on track to deliver the second round of Concierge training for this FY.
  2. The program continues to partner with Quality team to include the remaining quality metrics
  3. The second round will have educators assigned to the medical groups/ clinics to develop long term liaison-type relationships
Thank you to the Epic Concierge Team for making this training available to all our UHA Providers.
This is just another way UHA is striving to deliver a more efficient way for our providers to deliver the best level of care to our patients.
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