University HealthCare Alliance

December 09, 2015

Stanford Help Center: Mental Health Resource Now Available to all UHA Providers

A pillar of a wellness program is a strong mental health support network. All UHA providers have access to the Stanford Help Center, which has offices on the Stanford main campus as well as in San Jose.

Help Center locations:

All counseling is free and confidential, and is open to individuals, couples, and eligible dependents for both

personal and work-related concerns. You may be entitled to up to 10 visits for each concern. All visits require appointments (which may have a wait time of ~3 weeks).

If you have questions about the Help Center or want to make an appointment, call (650) 723-4577 or email

Frequently Asked Questions answered by the Help Center’s Director:

This is the first in a series of steps that we’re working on to help meet the needs of our UHA providers. If you have suggestions or comments, please contact our UHA Wellness Director, Andrea Hausel at