University HealthCare Alliance

May 22, 2017

Stanford Health Library Community Lecture Series

Stanford Health Library is a community service of Stanford Health Care, and has for the past 20 years been producing a Community Lecture series that features Stanford researchers and physicians speaking on a wide array of health topics across all clinical fields within SHC. These talks are available for the local community to attend in person, and they also are available for your patients to attend in real time through live webcasts and for those who can’t attend at the time of the presentation, they are available as video recordings on the Health Library’s website along with the Notes from the Doc Talks articles.

Stanford Health Library print calendars have been sent to all of your clinics. If you find these useful and want to continue to share the calendars with your patients, please email the Stanford Health Library Director, Nora Cain. Please include your clinic name and address where you want the calendars sent. We want to be sure that everyone who is part of the Stanford Health Care community has access to these doctors sharing the latest in evidence based health information.