University HealthCare Alliance

October 02, 2018

Tameka Baker | Family Medicine Associates San Jose

Tameka Baker is our October wellness spotlight award winner! Tameka is a Medical Assistant and Wellness Ambassador. Tameka’s supervisors and colleagues submitted quotes and shared stories about the many ways she motivates, encourages and models wellness for her team at Family Medicine Associates in San Jose!

Collage of Tameka’s wellness work created by her supervisor, Liz

Here are just some of the many stories shared in the nominations that Family Medicine Associates’ employees submitted in recognition of Tameka:

• Tameka has accomplished so much during her time as a Wellness Ambassador – she truly goes above and beyond to support us both individually and as a clinic
• She created “Salad Fridays” which happen twice monthly and have different themes – Greek Salad, Asian Salad, Mexican salad, etc. We sign up and share a delicious and healthy lunch
• She manages to engage all of us! She comes up with fun fitness challenges – fun runs, step challenge, squat challenge, plank challenge, etc. She makes sure everyone of all fitness levels can participate
• She introduced Zumba and Hip Hop classes once per week and encourages all of us to join in
• She transmits her positivity through her nice big smile!
• She’s a terrific motivator and supports us each through our own wellness journeys
• Tameka volunteers to feed the homeless monthly and inspires us with her generosity
• She motivates each of us– our whole office is inspired to eat well and be active now!
• Whether it be a walk on a break/lunch, going on a hike, going to the gym or trying a new recipe, she’s always right there to support you.

Read on to learn how Tameka builds a culture of wellness in her Wellness Ambassador role at FMA!

Q. Your nomination was filled with quotes from your colleagues about how you motivate the whole team to focus on health, wellness and charitable acts. What motivates you?

A. What motivates me: I have been overweight, depressed and homeless and there was always someone there to encourage me throughout my journey. It has not been an easy journey, but I made it. So I choose to pay it forward.

Q. Another theme in your nomination was your ability to get everyone to participate with your smile and encouragement. That’s fantastic! Do you have any advice to others who are trying to get their teams involved in wellness efforts?

A. Just be the example. If you see someone who is trying but stumbling along the way, see how you can help them.

Q. Your colleagues talked about the fitness challenges you do at FMA and how you make them really fun. What are some examples of how you make wellness fun and easy for everyone to participate?

A. I encourage the more active people to pair with those not as motivated as them. I let them know you have some bad days along with the good days. It all a balance.

Q. Multiple people mentioned your community work – dedicating one day per month to feed the homeless. How can employees who may be interested find out more about serving others in their community?

A. They can contact me by text or email me (

Q. What are your favorite ways to maintain your own wellness?

A. I pray or meditate. Take time for myself.

Q. What brings you joy?

A. My family, but I also believe any day above ground is a good day. So, I try just the be happy all the time.

Thank you, Tameka, for your dedication to serving others, inspiring others with your actions and cultivating a culture of wellness at your clinic!