University HealthCare Alliance

June 11, 2018

Patricia Marcus, PSR | Associated Internal Medicine

Patricia Marcus is our May wellness spotlight award winner!  Patricia is a Patient Service Representative at AIM in the referrals department.  She was nominated by her colleague, Angie Hart-Benson.  

Angie’s nomination:

“Patricia has lost 43 lbs since last November. She decided to make changes to her eating habits and it is paying off. She is looking great. She has inspired us by sharing recipes and has motivated us with her perseverance. She has also started walking after work a couple nights a week. Ms.P has really made some positive changes and it shows. Her compassion is infectious.”

WELL@UHA asked Patricia to share more about her wellness journey and how she cultivates wellness both for herself and her colleagues at AIM. 

Q. Your nomination mentioned you’ve made multiple healthy lifestyle changes around healthy eating.  What inspired you to make these changes and how did you begin?

A. What inspired me to make a healthy lifestyle change is my family. My family has a history of diabetes and heart disease which has become generational. I wanted to show them that we can break this cycle. Upon starting my weight loss journey, I cut out fried foods, carbs (pasta, rice, bread, flour, refined sugars). I utilized google search for healthy low carb, high protein recipes. I love cooking and this was the perfect opportunity for me to try new recipes. I was so excited with the outcome, I had to share this with family and coworkers! My daughter has lost 42 lbs. and an aunt has lost 40lbs. .

Q.  Angie also mentioned your perseverance which is serving to motivate your team members. What keeps you motivated to continue your new lifestyle?

A. What keeps me motivated with my new lifestyle is my grandchildren.  I am now able to keep up with their pace!  Although we do have unhealthy snacks in the office here and there, I choose not to eat them.  I have taken it upon myself to bring in healthy homemade baked goodies, which they loved!  A few of my coworkers have informed me that they are now taking pilates and kick boxing classes. 

Q. If you could share one thing you’ve learned since starting this wellness journey last fall, what would it be?

A. I’ve learned to it one step at a time.  A little change goes a long way.  It gives you peace of mind, body and soul.

Q. What’s your favorite tip for healthy eating during the workweek?

A. My tip for healthy eating during the workweek is meal prep.  I prepare my meals for the week on Sundays, in which I separate and freeze them.  I also prepare my healthy snacks so I am not tempted to reach for that donut.

Q. How does your department at AIM promote wellness?

A. We’ve had healthy potlucks, which were amazing and everyone enjoyed them.

Q. What brings you joy?

A. Powerwalking after work brings me joy.  This is when I am in my zone and I don’t think about the hustle and bustle that happens during the day.

Thank you to Patricia for making healthful changes and motivating your team to be well at work!