University HealthCare Alliance

October 03, 2017

Linda Rodgers

Linda was nominated by her colleague at Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group/Walnut Creek, Zayba.  Here’s what Zayba said in her nomination: “Linda is our team lead. She is always there to help when you need her and continually looks ahead to help avoid problems in the office, which helps with the flow. She recently became very passionate about eating healthfully and living a healthier lifestyle. She shares all her healthy recipes with us. Her positive attitude and commitment is admirable. Kuddos to her!”

Thank you, Linda, for promoting both professional wellness, through workflow management and also personal wellness, by role modeling and sharing tips!

WELL@UHA asked Linda to share her tips on what inspired her to change her lifestyle and how she shares that with her coworkers.

Q. Your nomination mentioned workflow management which helps people feel professionally fulfilled. How do you think managing workflows helps promote well-being at work?

A. We have a good MA team and work very well together on the workflow and have had a lot of excellent reviews from patients and providers.

Q. What inspired you to purse a healthier lifestyle and how did you begin?

A. Family history was the main reason. My father (who is still alive) had a quadruple bypass about 15 years ago and now is living with diabetes and kidney failure which came on in his 60’s. My mother had a family history of hypertension and familial heart disease. My mother had pulmonary fibrosis and passed away 4 years ago. So with all my family history, I came to the realization that it was time to make a change in my life. My husband and I cut out starches and carbohydrates. We started using healthy alternatives for the foods that we eat. For example, spaghetti squash, cauliflower (to replace mashed potatoes) and lots of vegetables and protein. We are Pinterest fanatics!

Q. Zayba mentioned you share your recipes with you team. What’s your favorite source for healthy recipes?

A. Pinterest is my friend for sure – I have a folder of healthy recipes. I call it my “healthy new year” folder since my hubby and I started doing this November of last year.

Q. What keeps you motivated to continue with your new lifestyle?

A. Seeing results and feeling better about my eating habits. 

Q. Outside of work, what are your favorite ways to be well?

A. Taking walks and using my stationary bicycle while catching up on my favorite TV shows. Also making healthy snacks easy – apples, oranges, grapes, celery and carrot sticks help with the munchies.

Congratulations to Linda for motivating her team and thanks to Zayba for highlighting excellence in wellness!