University HealthCare Alliance

February 12, 2020

Kerry Fischer | CCMG San Ramon

Kerry Fischer was awarded our February wellness spotlight award! Kerry works at CCMG in San Ramon and was nominated by colleagues Sandy Grubbs and Norma Joya. Kerry has been a dedicated Wellness Ambassador since WELL@UHA started and motivates her team with her creativity, humor, and kindness.

Here’s what her colleagues shared:

“Ms. Fischer exemplifies what being an amazing human being is. She’s very kind, sweet, compassionate, and always willing to help and motivate others to be active, eat healthy, and find time for yourself. Not to mention she has an amazing sense of humor.”


“Kerry always has different tips for health awareness such as the healthy ladder challenge, where we all write healthy ideas or tasks to help climb the ladder. There is an incentive with a prize at the end.  We do virtual hikes which is fun with different pictures throughout the completed hike. She is always thinking of low carb, low calorie or healthy food for pot lucks. She hikes and does boot camp exercise. She is always asking us for ideas to keep us motivated on the healthy trail. Currently, she constructed a drawing to enter to win 3 different gifts. She works along aside J. Lopez who also is a health conscious contributor. Proceeds go the the American Heart Association Walk. We are very lucky to have her in our office as our wellness ambassador.”


Q: What has been your most successful wellness event so far?

A: The success of every wellness event depends on the participation and efforts of other.    As a team we have been able to use our time, money and passion to accomplish many things.  The most recent success story has to be the AHA raffle that raised over $1,500.   Jose Lopez Jr (who has dreams of being a RN, so let’s make that happen!) gave generously in gifts to be raffled.  Since we focus on cardiac health within our practice this is always a special event for us.


 Q: What advice would you share with a colleague who wants to infuse wellness into their work team?

A:  In thinking of activities for office involvement and with limited time allocated to do so, is a challenge.   I try to reach out and gather information on what interest are there and how we can take ‘their lives as they live it ‘ and make it better.  Small changes in a daily routine, can make for big changes in one’s life.  They can take it home and share it with their loved ones.

 Q: What’s your favorite way to well outside of work?

A:   Some of my favorite wellness activities outside of work are simple.  Simple things bring me joy.  I stay social by sharing time with friends and travel to see family, for its good for the heart and soul.  I like new adventures and like to travel to see what God has created.  I like keeping active such as with hiking and doing my 7 minute workouts and swimming in the summer. I pray and read to help the soul.  Health is keeping a balance within the body, mind and soul.


Q: What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

A:  2020 is already off to a good start.  Coworkers are making changes to diet, taking part in the tracking challenge and I have no doubt that with each month something new will be introduced and participation will be high.   We will continue our outreach and giving back to the community and I hope to focus more on the individual needs of each person and see how we can work on making this a great year for each and every one.