University HealthCare Alliance

March 20, 2017

Gina (Bazil) Patolo

Our January spotlight is Gina Bazil, MA from Bay Valley Medical Group/Danville . She was nominated by Dr. Bhoomika Kamath who said that Gina has been an inspiration to the Bay Valley Group. She participated in a workplace weight loss challenge, where she not only lost 40 pounds, but has kept it off since 2009. With the encouragement of her team and driven by her lifelong love of dance, she also pursued her certification as a Zumba instructor. Most recently, Gina joined WELL@UHA’s Wellness Ambassador network. Gina gives much of the credit to her amazing, uplifting and inspirational group at BVMG/Danville!

WELL@UHA asked Gina to share how she made a successful life change:

Q. What is one tip you’d share with co-workers that helped you achieve your wellness goals?
A. In my opinion, the collective encouragement and positive accountability amongst all of the staff has been the most significant influence in achieving/maintaining my wellness goals. Having the opportunity to observe their individual progress is very inspirational!

Q. How do you stay motivated to maintain your new lifestyle?
A. The journey of making positive lifestyle changes can be tough at times, however I have found that it is harder to feel defeated when surrounded by a group on the same path. The genuine sensation of being part of a “team” has been especially motivating when things may seem overwhelming.

Q. Any other tips you’d like to share with colleagues who are considering making a lifestyle change?
A. For colleagues who are considering making a lifestyle change, my advice to you is to go for it! Reach out to family, friends and coworkers by initiating interest. I recommend starting with a brainstorm of possible fun group activities. Make plans, follow through with commitments, hold each other accountable, and elevate one another with positivity.

Whether it’s an office weight loss challenge, a weekend hike in your community, or an aerobic workout to start the day off right – you’ll never know what you might be capable of achieving until you take the first step!

Way to go Gina!