University HealthCare Alliance

March 20, 2017

Gabriela Betancourt

Congratulations to Gabriela Betancourt on being selected as Newark’s FIT@PRC gym Member of the Month and our first Wellness Spotlight! Gabby was selected for her dedication and consistency attending the gym – and motivating her colleagues in the process during her health transformation. Gabby works on the Revenue Cycle Team as a Credit Balance Analyst. About 5 months ago, she decided to make some major lifestyle changes – which have included exercise and healthy eating. She was motivated to be in her best health for her two toddlers. Most recently, she joined the new Wellness Ambassador network to help others create healthy changes at work.

Q. How long have you been coming to FIT@PRC (Newark’s on-site gym)? How many times a week do you come in?
A. I’ve been coming for about 5 months. I train Monday through Friday, usually during my lunch.

Q. What type of workouts do you do?
A. I like to start with a little cardio, most the time on the treadmill, then I hit the weights – circuit style

Q. You are one of the most consistent gym members. What motivates you to be so?
A. With two toddlers I think of it as a bit of ‘me’ time. Of course, it’s a way to feel great and get healthy in the process. I guess I should mention that I just had a doctors visit and I’ve lost 32 pounds since I’ve been coming to FIT@PRC!

Q. What are your favorite things about FIT@PRC?
A. It’s near where I work, clean, not crowded at the times I like to come in and of course the awesome staff!

Congrats, Gabby, for being UHA’s first Wellness Spotlight!