University HealthCare Alliance

July 30, 2017

Estela Duran

Estela Duran was nominated by one of her colleagues, Rosaura Soliz-Jaramillo. They both work at Menlo Medical Clinic — Rosaura as an MA and Estela as a Patient Services Representative. In her nomination, Rosaura described how Estela radiates positivity with an infectious smile and lifts everyone up. She highlighted how Estela, in her role as a Wellness Ambassador, has gone above and beyond. She encouraged co-workers to do yoga after work and organized an 8 week series.  She created wellness teams, challenges, writes newsletters and hosted a rainbow potluck to encourage healthy eating. Currently she’s bringing Zumba videos for colleagues to do after work to support each other in staying physically active. “She is amazing and we are very lucky to work with her!” 

Thank you, Estela, for all you do to launch local initiatives that help create a culture of wellness.

WELL@UHA asked Estela to share her tips on how she stays motivated and engaged in her volunteer role as a Wellness Ambassador.

Q. Your energy and enthusiasm were mentioned a few times in your nomination and by your manager. What motivates you to help create opportunities for wellness for your colleagues at Menlo Medical Clinic?

A. I absolutely love the idea of spending more time with my coworkers. Finding reasons to spend more time with them has been a huge motivator. Hearing them tell me how happy they are that I started these fitness classes, how much better they feel, keeps me showing up to each workout class (and dreading the days when I have an obligation and can’t stay). There have been times when I woke up not feeling well, but I knew it was “Zumba day” and I could not disappoint my coworkers since I have the tapes! They were counting on me to show up and I swear, I felt like I could tackle the day and get through. I was right, I always felt better once I saw everyone in their workout clothes.


Q. What’s your favorite way to promote wellness at work?

A. Sharing inspiring quotes with coworkers. Sometimes I’ll leave them notes on their desk. It’s the little things that can help with mental wellness and motivate physical wellness.

Q. Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do?

A. I love hiking in new places, napping with my two dogs and reading books of all genres.

Q. What’s your advice for a colleague who wants to make a lifestyle change?

A. Habit is everything. I struggle with this, but I realize doing something every day for a month forms habit. Start small and set your goals. Walk your dogs – or just yourself – after work for a half hour every day. Write your goals down and hold yourself accountable by recording what you do daily to accomplish your goal.

Q. What would you say to employees who are considering becoming a wellness ambassador?

A. Being a wellness ambassador has motivated me immensely. It gives you a responsibility that you wouldn’t necessarily give yourself otherwise. When you become in charge of the wellness of others, you find yourself pushing to be better for them and eventually for yourself, if you weren’t already. I can honestly say, I’m the most health-conscious I’ve been in years after assuming the role of wellness ambassador.

Upon learning of her nomination, Estela shared how Rosaura literally and figuratively lifts her up (see photo of Rosaura carrying Estela).

Congratulations to Estela and thanks to Rosaura for highlighting excellence in wellness!