University HealthCare Alliance

July 27, 2017

Debbie Cunningham

Debbie Cunningham was nominated by one of her employees, Dohn Salvador. In his nomination, Dohn described how Debbie’s compassionate leadership has transformed the group. “She has patiently listened, swiftly implemented changes for streamlining work, increased staffing and built a cohesive and special bond between the team.” Dohn notes that this team cohesion “is the best change among the abundance of changes Debbie has brought to the department over the past 9 months.”

Thank you, Debbie, for all you do to maintain a high functioning and well team!

WELL@UHA asked Debbie to share her tips on leading a team for both professional and personal wellness. We’re proud to feature Debbie as our first manager awarded a Wellness Spotlight!

Q. Your nomination highlighted the bond you’ve built among your team members and your compassionate leadership. What is your advice to other managers about how to foster team cohesion?

A. I always make a point of knowing personal (not private) things about all my staff and also share about myself.


Q. Professional and personal wellness are both important to the health of our employees. What do you do to encourage both personal and professional wellness among your team?

A. I always encourage them to make sure they take breaks, work smarter so they’re not working longer and harder, enjoy their time off with family/friends and take their PTO.

Q. What’s your favorite aspect of your work?

A. Seeing the team come together and work processes improving which has created a competent, cohesive team that supports each other.

Q. How do you keep well outside of work?

A. I follow my own advice. I spend time with family and friends doing things I enjoy, I give back to my community, and leave work at the office until the next day (as much as I can).


Congratulations to Debbie and thanks to Dohn for highlighting wellness in action!