University HealthCare Alliance

September 01, 2020

Share Your COVID-19 Story

The Schwartz Center is collecting stories, images, recordings – and more – to illustrate the extraordinary compassion caregivers have shown during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue to show every day.  

You are invited to share a few words or a story, a photograph, or a quick sketch, a poem, a song, or any other expression of your experience of compassion during this difficult time.

Submission Deadline: Friday, September 18, 2020.

We’d love for you to answer questions like:

  • What has this time been like for you? How has compassion been a part of it? 
  • What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced and how have you coped?
  • How have you and your colleagues connected and supported each other? 
  • If you are a family member of a healthcare worker, what has this time been like for you? How have you been supporting the loved one in your life?
  • What does compassion look like to you right now?

These submissions will be curated and shared with the Schwartz Center community to tell this extraordinary story and Honor Our Nation of Compassionate Caregivers.

The Schwartz Center was created to support caregivers, healthcare leaders, and others and bring compassion to every healthcare experience.   They helping caregivers, healthcare leaders, and others across all sectors of healthcare experience and share compassion through their work and in their organizations and communities.