University HealthCare Alliance

January 20, 2016

Seeking Preceptors for Stanford Primary Care Associate Program

The Stanford Primary Care Associate program (“Stanford PA Program”) is seeking preceptors for 4-week clerkships in family medicine or internal medicine (and all subspecialties of internal medicine). Clinical rotations begin on February 15, 2016. Stanford PA students come from a variety of medical training backgrounds and enter the program with 3,000+ hours of medical experience. The Stanford PA Program will provide all syllabi and learning objectives prior to the clerkship period and throughout the clinical training process. Eventually, students are expected to see patients, obtain histories and do rudimentary physical exams, and formulate differential diagnoses to be discussed with you and your team. Students will write progress notes which preceptors are required to sign-off on. Following each rotation period, preceptors will fill out an evaluation consisting of 18 questions for each student. Preceptors are encouraged to provide open, honest, constructive feedback to the student throughout the clinical training period.

Becoming a preceptor is a rewarding experience and a great way to impact the healthcare profession.

For detailed information, please contact: Melina Honjo, Stanford PA Program Clinical Coordinator, at or call (650) 721-4481.