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May 30, 2019

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Message from Dean Lloyd Minor

Stanford Medicine has once again ushered in the future of health care. Through the Humanwide project, a diverse cohort of 50 patients at Stanford Medicine’s Primary Care 2.0 clinic in Santa Clara saw firsthand the power and promise of Precision Health. Over the course of a year, care teams detected and treated a range of health concerns previously overlooked, leading to measurable improvements in health outcomes.

Megan Mahoney (left), Stanford Medicine’s chief of general primary care, is leading this transformative program. In discussing Humanwide with Dr. Mahoney, she said the unique approach to patient care draws success from how it shifts the focus of primary care to detecting disease earlier, strengthening patient-provider relationships, and deploying the latest health technology.

In the future, we hope that such high-tech, high-touch health care will be the standard of treatment everywhere — humanwide. I’m proud that Stanford Medicine is leading the way. Read more in my LinkedIn post, Scope, and Inside Stanford Medicine; meet the patient participants and experts in this video series.