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September 22, 2017

Reaching for the Stars – Provider and Practice Excellence (August 15 – September 30)

Bay Valley Medical Group in Pleasanton & Danville          

September 30, 2017:

Just a shout out to the staff…Roxanne and Lisa. So helpful and friendly. I forgot to make an appt. for my daughter in the Hayward office, so when the weekend came she was out of her medication. I was panicked, because without the medication she can get sick. When I called the Hayward number, I was transferred to Danville and Pleasanton. These ladies jumped through some hoops to help me replenish the meds for a few days until my daughter could be seen. Wonderful customer service! Thank you for being so helpfu patient and pleasant! You both deserve a raise!


Stanley Ng, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates

September 29, 2017:

Dr. Ng is a caring fun doctor. I didn’t like seeing doctor but Dr. Ng made my visits pleasant.


Elwyn C. Cabebe, MD | Valley Medical Oncology Consultants

September 27, 2017:

I was referred by a good friend and she was right about Dr. Cabebe!! He’s a caring and friendly Dr.


Paul Jemelian, MD | Menlo Medical Clinic

September 27, 2017:

I contracted Pericarditis. It went un-diagnosed for 9 months despite a battery of tests from a Cardiologist, after a 911 ambulance trip to the Emergency room. Tremendous pain, etc. When I went to see Dr. J. for the first time, he immediately detected it with just his Stethoscope. Has a thoughtful. kind approach. Brilliant. Just the best.


Katy Young-Lee, MD | Associated Internal Medicine in Oakland

September 25, 2017:

I’ve lived most of my life in New York and now in California. I’ve seen a multitude of MDs and top specialists although none better than Katy Young-Lee, MD. She is brilliant, kind and always amazes me with her professional suggestions and solutions.


Chirag Pandya, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates

September 23, 2017:

He is very patient and explained things very well. He kept close follow up until I started feeling better. I would recommend him highly to other patients.


William Sellman, MD | Alameda Family Physicians

September 23, 2017:

I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Sellman!!! I won’t see anybody else!!! He explains what is going on in detail!! He takes all the time I need!!! Bedside manner is awesome!!! He IS my Doctor!! I have been going to AFP for almost 20!!!


 Bay Valley Medical Group in Pleasanton            

September 22, 2017:

My family and I have been a part of Bay Valley medical since I was a child. We were originally visitors to the Hayward office but since we moved we are very happy with the staff and Doctors here in Pleasanton. They are very informative and prompt with appt times and when I use the app to send questions I always get a response right away. We visit Pleasanton for adult medicine and pediatrics.


Manjula Kamaraju, MD | Samaritan Family Practice

September 22, 2017:

Excellent!!! You can’t go wrong with Dr. Kamaraju. I had to move out of state and I still miss her!


OB/GYN Partners for Health in Oakland 

September 21, 2017:

I just have to say, Christine Lee, is the most amazing OB! She made my birthing experience amazing. I was a v-bac and my original doctor showed little faith I could vaginally deliver. Thank god she was off on the day I went into labor. That’s when I met Dr. Lee. My only regret is I didn’t pick her to be my OB initially. I wish I would have known how amazing she was. I will recommend her to all my friends and family. I will never forget our experience. Because of her I had a successful v-bac! Thank you so much Dr.Lee you are the best.


Geeta Krishnapriyan, MD | Geeta Krishnapriyan, MD

September 20, 2017:

She is superb in diagnosis of the problem and equally caring to her patients. Thank you doctor for taking care of my father with the right medicine.


Caroline Schreiber, MD | East Bay Family Practice

September 20, 2017:

Dr. Schreiber provides outstanding care. I highly recommend her and East Bay Family Practice.


Rishi Sawhney, MD | Valley Medical Oncology Consultants

September 20, 2017:

I have been seeing him for over 5 years with inoperable stage 4 lung cancer. Expected to survive less than 9 months. 5 years later I am still in remission. Dr Sawhney and his staff are the best.


Yelena Gambarin, MD | Associated Internal Medicine

September 19, 2017:

Dr. Gambarin is excellent – thorough, involved, caring, and obviously competent. I’ve already referred two friends to her


Michael Alper, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates

September 19, 2017:

He’s been awesome. Wouldn’t hesitate to go see this guy if you’re looking for a primary care doctor or just someone to see when you’re sick. He’s very knowledgeable and caring.


Gerald E. Trobough, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group

 September 16, 2017:

Dr. Trobough has been my doctor for over 30 years. He and Marie are the BEST!


Andrew Schechtman, MDFamily Medicine Associates 

September 16, 2017:

Great doctor! Thorough in his follow up. Great about ensuring I understood anything. Too bad we moved from the bay.


Rishi Sawheny, MD | Valley Medical Oncology Consultants 

September 14, 2017:

Dr. Sawhney is a very caring and diligent doctor. During my treatments I watch as he circles the room greeting people by name and touching base on their treatments. This is truely amazing considering the amount of patients he cares for. He always has a smile and is the best doctor I have ever had.


Rishi Sawheny, MD | Valley Medical Oncology Consultants 

September 14, 2017:

I met Dr. Sawhney when I was hospitalized for high calcium and possible kidney failure. He was so pleasant and caring. Dr. Sawhney never left us hanging, he worked with us for several weeks trying to get the correct diagnosis. Unfortunately it was a rare cancer but he reassured me that it was treatable and has been right by my side along with his wonderful staff every step of the way. I am half-way through my treatments and still very optimistic. I am blessed to have Dr. Sawhney he is the best!


William Sellman, MD | Alameda Family Physicians 

September 13, 2017:

My entire family uses Dr. Sellman as our family doctor, and we have had nothing but positive experiences with him. He’s knowledgeable, asks the right questions, and responsive. He’s also great with my six-year-old, and seems better informed than the pediatricians we were using previously.


Donna Kwong, MD | Bay Valley Medical Group 

September 13, 2017:

I have been a patient of Dr. Kwong’s for many years. She is the most compassionate, knowledgeable doctor I have known. She takes time to listen, remembers who you are and gives the best care possible. I feel very lucky to have found her!


East Bay Family Practice

September 12, 2017:

Carolyn Schreiber has been my doctor for over 10 years. She is sensitive, thorough and very engaged.


Christopher Entwisle, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates 

September 12, 2017:

Had my first visit with Dr. Entwisle and he is amazing. I was early to my appointment, and he actually saw me earlier than my appointment time. Second, you can tell he is good at what he does and is knowledgeable. I left my appointment happy and relieved, knowing Dr. Entwisle had a course of action and a treatment plan to get me feeling better. I totally recommend him! I actually emailed my primary care physician when I got home, to thank her for referring me to Dr. Entwisle. Also, all of the staff in the office are efficient friendly and professional. The front desk staff were awesome and the assistant who took me into the exam room was sweet and professional.

Great experience at Dr. Entwisle’s office from start to end!!


Denise Yun, MD | Associated Internal Medicine 

September 11, 2017:

I started seeing Dr. Yun a few years ago when my previous doctor left my insurance plan. One of the first things Dr. Yun did was send me for a sleep study. I had been feeling extremely tired during the daytime and was having a hard time concentrating. I discovered that I have a sleep disorder and was able to improve my sleep. The symptoms I was having went away. She has always listened to my concerns and taken them seriously, and has really helped me improve my overall health. Great Dr.


Mae Willkom, MD | ValleyCare Physician Associates 

September 11, 2017:

I’ve been seeing dr willkom since I was a kid. I saw her today for a back issue. She got my x rays the same day and spend a hour making sure she had all the info right, and checking my back out. She’s a really patient doctor I would highly recommend here for a primary care doctor. Thanks so much dr willkom!!!


Alliance Medical Group in San Pablo

September 11, 2017:

I have visited this facility for a long time. The receptionists are always pleasant. The staff in general is professional but cordial.


Carrie Rothstein, MD | Menlo Medical Clinic

September 10, 2017:

Dr. Rothstein is the best OBGYN I’ve ever experienced! She was highly recommended by one of my primary care doctors and I could t be happier! She helped me with ovarian cysts in my 20’s, gave me the best prenatal care and checkups for both my pregnancies in my 30’s and 2 successful deliveries. She is very smart, efficient, friendly and I trust her 100%. Highly recommend her!!


Gabrielle Schaefer, MD | ValleyCare Physician Associates

September 7, 2017:

Caring and thorough.


Chia-Yi Selena Hung, DO | University Medical Group Campbell 

September 5, 2017:

Doctor Hung is great. I will never switch Doctors. She the most no nonsense medical professional I have spoken with. She gave me straight answers and options and told me when she did not know the answers and where we could get them.


OB/GYN Partners for Health in Lafayette

September 2, 2017:

Not sure why this place has such negative reviews. I had a thoroughly pleasant & quick visit for my annual–the paperwork was no trouble, and I was seen by the doctor very quickly. When I did see the doctor, she was thorough and very nice. I would return and recommend to others in the Lamorinda area.


Pramodh Sidhu, MD, FACC | Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group 

September 1, 2017:

Dr. Sidhu is awesome, so thorough, thoughtful, and professional. I was very impressed when I took my elderly cousin to him. He did everything in his power to make things easy to understand and took his time with her. If I ever need a cardiologist I will be coming to him.


John Louie, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates 

August 31, 2017:

Dr. Louie is a wonderful doctor. He spends time listening carefully to what the patient has to say. He is knowledgeable and personable, and he will also quickly refer you to a specialist when that is needed. I have never felt rushed with him and always felt that any comments I made were welcomed and heard with respect. This is one physician who has an excellent bedside manner.


David Griffith, MD | Almaden Family Physicians 

August 31, 2017:

Very personable with a great breadth of knowledge. I’ve been going to Dr. Griffith for 20 years. He has helped me understand many different maladies including rashes, cysts, illness. He’s top notch and spot on with treatment. Humble enough to send me to specialists whenever needed.


Martha Man, MD | South Bay Oncology Hematology Partners 

August 28, 2017:

I’ve been seeing Dr. Man for 7 years. She is kind and compassionate and, importantly, she listens and is never dismissive about any concern I have. I like the transition to Stanford Health. The new building is very nice and it is easy to ask questions via phone or email. I’ve always gotten quick responses either way. Having my full medical chart in the online app is also nice.


Donald Knotts, MD | Bay Valley Medical Group

August 22, 2017:

Best doctor ever. Will spend a lot of time with his patient to make sure any and all issues are addressed. Quite knowledgeable and compassionate.


Chirag Pandya, MD, FCCP | ValleyCare Physicians Associates 

August 22, 2017:

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year and have been under care of Dr. Pandya since then. He has been superb from the beginning. He explained the diagnosis so well and has been managing my CPAP machine since then.


Vidya Parameswaran, MD | Arthritis and Rheumatology South Bay 

August 21, 2017:

Dr.Vidya has been key to practically changing my life. I am an Indian classical dancer/performer by profession but tore my ligaments and in extreme pain. She guided me through pain management and through surgery. Now I am able dance again and I thank Dr.Vidya for her knowledge, patience and guidance. She also treated my dad who has severe arthritis with pain management. I would highly recommend her.


Vijay Mirmira, MD | Alameda Family Physicians 

August 21, 2017:

I was very disappointed to see any words of displeasure relating to Dr. Mirmira. I have been going to Alamed Family Physcians starting when my family moved to Alameda over 20 years ago. Of course, there was always a wait, and we didn’t mind because all of the Dr.’s made us feel like we were the only patients in the building at the time. The first time I met Dr. Mirmia he was extremely thorough, very kind, and collaborated with me on my care. He made sure that the path to treatment was something I was willing to participate in; he spoke TO me, not AT me. Once our granddaughter was born, I coudn’t think of a better provider than Dr. Mirmira to care for our precious gbaby girl.
Visiting the Dr. can be very difficult for some people, although Dr. Mirmira has always made our family comfortable before even talking about the purpose of the visit. This review may not reach those who have already met Dr. Mirmira, so I hope it reaches those who haven’t met him. He truly knows his stuff…and he’s a nice guy too.


Vidya Parameswaran, MD | Arthritis and Rheumatology South Bay 

August 18, 2017:

Dr.Vidya has been key to practically changing my life. I am an Indian classical dancer/performer by profession but tore my ligaments and in extreme pain. She guided me through pain management and through surgery. Now I am able dance again and I thank Dr.Vidya for her knowledge, patience and guidance. She also treated my dad who has severe arthritis with pain management. I would highly recommend her.


Martin Silverman, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group

August 18, 2017:

Dr. Silverman is a great OB, and my husband and I are very grateful that he delivered our baby. His office accepted me after I transferred from another OB in Los Gatos during my second trimester. I had a high risk pregnancy, and while he discussed the possibility of a C-section before I delivered, worked with me every step of the way (especially during the 3rd trimester) to minimize the likelihood of it. I was able to have a vaginal delivery, and there were no complications following delivery. I didn’t get a flu shot during my pregnancy, but can’t recall him ever asking me to get one. He accommodated our desires for the labor at every turn – he met with our doula, followed the birth plan we made, and when I experienced tearing, was very careful in completing the sutures. He has great bedside manner, and I think his professional demeanor is just an extension of who he is as a person – he seems like a kind human being and a skilled practitioner to boot.


Faizul Haque, MD | Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group 

August 18, 2017:

My father had great experience with Dr. Haque, came out feeling so much better, and great communication he took the time to make sure we understand everything about my fathers health.


Charmi Shah, MD | Alameda Family Physicians 

August 17, 2017:

My Daughter goes to Dr.Shah. My wife has always spoke wonderful things of her but this time I was along and all i can say is that she had very good advice, she made my daughter (12) feel comfortable during the exam and was very informative as well. I have complete confidence in Dr. Shah.


Andria Johnson, MD | Family Medicine Oakland

August 17, 2017:

My mom and I loves her. She’s been our doctor since we got here in United States, She’s the best doctor we have and I will not changed my doctor ever. She makes you feel comfortable and make you feel like your a family. we tell her everything we don’t keep secrets with her. We trust her and she’s a really good listener. If you needed a doctor I would highly recommend her.


Sabrina Braham, MD | Menlo Medical Clinic

August 15, 2017:

So nice, so knowledgable, so caring. Great pediatrician.


Family Medicine Oakland

August 14, 2017:

I just love Dr Lauren Blanchard, my primary care Physician. She is knowledgeable and professional and really fun too! I’d give her 5+ stars, but the front office people (more in the past than recently) have been a bit frustrating to work with. Actually, that has’t happened in awhile so I’ll give 5 stars.