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November 01, 2017

Reaching for the Stars (October 4 – October 22)

Anupama Velpuri, MD | Bay Valley Medical Group in Pleasanton
October 22, 2017:
Have being coming to Bay Valley for years. I rarely go to the doctor, but Dr. Velpuri is kind, and called me back when I was having a medical issue. Staff is friendly, but I miss Maggie!

Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
October 19, 2017:
Dr. Silverman is the best doctor I have ever had. Bar none!! He is kind and knows me as an individual.

Anurag Gupta, MD, FACC | Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group
October 19, 2017:
Dr. Gupta is an excellent physician. He spent a lot of time explaining my options and provided me with very detailed information. I have the utmost faith in him. Two individuals in the medical field said that if they needed a cardio electro-physiology procedure performed he is the doctor they would trust the most.

Charlene Reimnitz, MD, FACS, FACOG | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
October 17, 2017:
I’ve been seeing Dr. Reimnitz as my OB for nearly 15 years. She’s always been great but it wasn’t until I got pregnant and gave birth earlier this year that I experienced how really amazing she is. Right off the bat, she was supportive of our plan for a natural birth, she answered all mine and my husbands questions and always made us feel comfortable whenever we were nervous about something (i.e., no question was too dumb). During my 24 hour labor, she was constantly checking with the nurses on my progress and continued to support our natural birth (no meds) decision. However, when I started to slow and was completely exhausted, we finally made the decision to get piton and an epidural. As a result, I was able to get some rest and when Dr. Reimnitz arrived to let me know it was time to push, she made me feel so much better about the decision. I was feeling like a failure and disappointed but she assured me I should be proud of the work I had done the last 18 hours and I know now that had I continued to with labor at the rate it was going, there was a risk of getting a C-section. I truly believe that if we didn’t have the support of Dr. Reimnitz, I would have exceeded the “time limit” Good Sam gives and ended up in a C-section. I’m so grateful of her support. And when it came time to delivering the baby, she was an absolute professional. She was so calm, talked me through the final stages (along with the BEST delivery nurse ever), and delivered our beautiful daughter with ease. My husband still is an awe of her skills as am I. Thank you Dr. Reimnitz!! As a woman over 35 who went through IVF, Dr Reimnitz was incredible during our entire journey. I look forward to (hopefully!) having her deliver all my future children 🙂

Chirag Pandya, MD, FCCP | ValleyCare Physicians Associates
October 18, 2017:
My cough and asthma were in very bad shape before I started seeing Dr. Pandya. Since last 2 years, I have been doing so well now under his care. I am very thankful for his time and all the care he has given me.

Tiffany Ly, MD | Menlo Medical Clinic

October 17, 2017:
I have always had the best of care. She is insightful and manages the complexity of my health issues professionally and expediently.

October 17, 2017:
There was a long wait to see this doctor which is a testament to his knowledge and skills. He addressed all my issues of vertigo and spent the time to go through my entire experience of the past 10 years with this recurring problem. He was thoughtful, patient and knowledgeable in his area of specialty and has an excellent bedside manner. I look forward to his care for my problem and my continued interaction with his excellent and friendly office staff!

Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group in Walnut Creek
October 16, 2017:
I have been going to Cardiovascular Consultants for several years. The medical staff have always been friendly, professional, and caring. I am impressed with Dr Bennett as well as the Physician Assistants that I have been seen by. Under their treatment, my blood pressure has been brought under control, and I believe that they correctly determined the best combination of medications to optimize my heart health.

Associated Internal Medicine in Oakland
October 16, 2017:
I’ve been a patient with this group for 30+ years. It is a great practice with top rate doctors. Recently my long term doctor retired and he was replaced by Dr. Aimee Keyashian. She is young, very sharp, responsive and I recommend her without any reservation. The office staff is good and friendly. I’ve never had a billing issue, even though they are now out-of-network for my Blue Shield plan. The office gets new prescriptions and refills out same day. Great experience overall.

Cathy Riker, MD | Menlo Medical Clinic
October 16, 2017:
Amazing member of the medical profession. I totally believe she recognized the problem I had, and save the use of my left hand. So professional and caring. THE BEST. And she is a Warrior and Giants fan (this shouldn’t matter, but it makes it fun when I go in for my appointments).

Elizabeth Basham, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
October 13, 2017:
I’ve been seeing Dr Basham for about 5 years now. I really like her laid back bedside manner. She’s a great listener and always offers suggestions to any of my concerns, always willing to work with me and do whatever she can. If needed she will refer you to a specialist. I have absolutely no complaints with Dr Basham or her office staff. They’re great!

Shane P. Dormady, MD | Valley Medical Oncology Consultants
October 12, 2017:

Alice Yang, MD | University Medical Group Campbell
October 12, 2017:
I have just started seeing her for some GI issues I have been having for a few years, and she immediately ordered tests. I appreciate how fast she is to move forward with finding out what is wrong with me since she has gotten farther in one appointment than my last physician did in 2 years

Lawrence Tiglao, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
October 12, 2017:
I was so fortunate to be referred to Dr. Tiglao when my regular dr. was out of town. I was suffering with many different symptoms, and Dr. Tiglao took a lot of time to look over my chart and discuss everything. Ultimately he referred me to a Traditional Chinese Medicine person who was able to address all my symptoms with herbs and acupuncture. I have so much gratitude and respect for Dr. Tiglao. I’m sure another dr. would have prescribed a lot of medication and unnecessary surgery. Dr. Tiglao continues to be my doctor and my health care advocate.

Brandon Jones, MD | Menlo Medical Clinic
October 12, 2017:
I received very good care from Dr Jones, who guided me to good choices about a hernia, skin cancers, medications and also my overall health choices. I felt he was attentive to my particular needs and communicated clearly about my choices and health needs.

Family Medicine Associates in San Jose
October 11, 2017:
So unfortunately I am not able to be seen at this facility, but I want to leave a 5 star for the front staff member Danielle that was kind and did great follow through for me. She remained compassionate and caring while working with my unfortunate crappy insurance. Thank you Danielle!!!!

Huma Aziz, MD | Samaritan Internal Medicine

October 10, 2017:
Dr. Aziz is one of the most superior doctor’s I have seen in my life. She is very knowledgeable, genuinely cares, and always makes sure to address all of her patients concerns. My appointments with her is like seeing a friend who really cares about you. A true human being.

Gloria Alcala, MD | Alameda Pediatric Associates
October 10, 2017:
I have been with Dr.Alcala since I was a child and she worked in San Leandro, My 3 kids also seen her until she moved locations. She is the best Dr. ever! I have kept with her for YEARS! Im looking into moving ny children to her location now. She is really 5 stars. Really sweet lady and very understanding and wonderful with children.

Gordon S. Rosenberg, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
October 9, 2017:
Not sure about the women who had a bad experience but I have NEVER had any problems with the doctor or the staff. They are very professional, compassionate, and helpful – just like Dr. Rosenberg.

Susan Tran, DO | Collaborative Primary Care
October 8, 2017:
Amazing family doctor. Super responsible and patient. It will be amazing if she has more open up appointment available. Usually,, it will be at least 2 weeks away for a general appointment

John Good, MD | Family Medicine Oakland
October 8, 2017:
I’ve been coming to Dr. Good for a loooooooooooong time (double digits long). I’ve found that he is kind and patient, and that the whole medical staff actually listens to you before evaluating/diagnosing. I’ve always felt a bit of a partnership in terms of maintaining my health there rather than “me doctor, you do what I say, I don’t need to hear from you about your problems, me know all, me doctor (remember?)” I have referred more than a few people to Dr. Good and have only heard good things in return.

Lawrence Tiglao, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
October 6, 2017:
I highly recommend Dr. Tiglao!! He is a devoted doctor and a capable obstetrician! He treats patients very well. I had a high risk pregnancy and I worried about the health of my baby all the time. Dr. Tiglao helped me monitor my baby very closely through my pregnancy and kept me calm. My water broke on Friday midnight. Dr. Tiglao showed up very quickly in the hospital. I thought I would need to go through C section as my baby was big in the ultrasound. Dr. Tiglao helped me deliver my 9 pounds baby naturally without any complications. I will forever appreciate Dr. Tiglao!

Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group

October 5, 2017:
I love it here! Sure wait times can be long but we live in a busy city. I see Dr. Ladwig and she is a gem! The whole staff is lovely there. LOWMG!

Arthritis and Rheumatology South Bay

October 5, 2017:
Dr. Bala is extremely caring and attentive. She takes her time and answers all my questions. I really like her

Kevin Lee, MD | ValleyCare Physician Associates

October 6, 2017:
I have been going to Dr. Lee for years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate people I know. If your looking for a great Doctor, I would definitely recommend him.

Ryan Brown, MD | Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group
October 4, 2017:
Dr Brown is very compassionate and he really cares about his patients. I have been seeing him due to a heart rythmn issue that began two years ago. He is easy to reach and he responds to messages within 24 hours.