University HealthCare Alliance

September 24, 2018

Progress, priorities, challenges are focus of State of Stanford Medicine

At this year’s State of Stanford Medicine event, the Dean, Hospital CEOs, and a special guest, shared their reflections on the strengths and challenges of the medical center today.

Hailing Stanford Medicine as “the epicenter of biomedical discovery for the world,”  Lloyd Minor, MD, Dean of the School of Medicine, encouraged audience members gathered Sept. 17 at the State of Stanford Medicine event to strive to make sure that statement remains true decades from now. 

Discussing the basic sciences, Minor said the goal is “to maintain a vibrant and world-class, leading discovery engine here at Stanford.”

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(From left) Leslee Subak, chair of obstetrics and gynecology, moderated a panel discussion with Stanford Medicine leaders Dennis Lund, David Entwistle and Lloyd Minor at the State of Stanford Medicine event on Sept. 17. Rod Searcey