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August 08, 2019

PRN Support: Physician Resource Network

PRN Support

A career in medicine is at times demanding and stressful. Every now and then it is helpful to be able to talk to a colleague who understands these stressors, and the effects that they can have on professional satisfaction and personal well-being.

The PRN Support program (Provider Resource Network) is an informal service provided by trained physician volunteers. A trained peer supporter can meet with you to discuss any topic, including challenges with work-life integration, career direction, dealing with an adverse patient outcome or litigation, issues with a colleague or supervisor, professional burnout, and personal stress.

This program is purposefully designed to be independent of institutional ties, and conversations are confidential and protected from legal discovery.

Many physicians find a private conversation with a colleague who is outside their clinic, and who understands the challenges health care providers experience, to be more helpful than discussing these issues with a family member or friends outside of work. Peer supporters can often provide a different perspective as well as offer options and resources not previously identified. Physicians who have used this program have been overwhelmingly positive about the support that they have received.

The program is directed by the Stanford WellMD program but has volunteers trained from MMC and Stanford Medicine Partners. It is available to Stanford faculty as well as community physicians and advanced practice providers at Stanford Medicine Partners, MMC, and CCMG.

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