University HealthCare Alliance

June 24, 2020

Zoom Video Visits Now Require Passwords

Due to changes to the Zoom platform on June 23, all Video Visits through Zoom now require a password. We are asking all providers using Zoom for Video Visits to edit their Personal Meeting Rooms to enable the password option and to send new meeting invitations to patients for existing appointments.

Key Points:

  • Edit your Personal Meeting Room to ensure Require Meeting Password and Enable Waiting Room options are checked before generating an invitation.
  • Passwords will automatically be included for all meeting invites. There will be two passwords generated: An alphanumeric password for those that join via Zoom application and a separate numeric password for those who join by dial-in. 
    • Note: Users are able to change the password, it is highly recommended to update the password to a 6 digit all numeric password, this will make the application password and dial-in password the same.  
  • If you have previously created Smartphrases that include your Zoom meeting link, you will need to update your Smartphrase with the new Zoom meeting link after the password has been enabled.

Efficiency of Practice

For Zoom Video Visits already scheduled for after June 23, 2020: