University HealthCare Alliance

January 05, 2017

Optimizing Wellness for our Providers at UHA – MyHealth

Last year we aggressively started to tackle the task of optimizing wellness for our providers at UHA, by improving our workplace efficiency and by creating a culture of wellness and resilience. You aided us in this task by answering our Pain Point Poll and identifying where we should concentrate our efforts. One of the top five areas of concern included My Health messages, our online communication portal to patients. We wanted to understand the problem more deeply before rapidly applying solutions and thus have been conducting interviews amongst providers across UHA. To those of you who have participated – thank you! You are helping to make UHA a better workplace for all of us!

We are noticing common themes such as patient expectations of response, staff management of messages, provider workflow, and some functionality of MyHealth. These themes are now serving to focus our work efforts to create a more enjoyable MyHealth experience, not only for patient user, but also for the users on the other side – our providers and staff.

We wanted to keep you informed about the work being done. If you would like to add your voice and/or experiences with MyHealth please reach out to Michael Kim ( to arrange an interview.