After the first week of patient care in 500P, there have been several lessons learned, especially as they relate to wayfinding in the new hospital. The SHC executive team are working on improving the processes during the transition from activation to stabilization of 500P.

Some examples of the concerns heard include challenges around access, some elevator banks being especially busy, and the need for additional signage to help navigate.

There are a few things the executive team is working on in the interim:

  • Creating wayfinding maps to help orient staff in the new building. You can find the latest maps using the QR codes here for more information on:
    • 500P Stair and Elevator Locations
    • 500P General Floorplans
    • ED Access One Point Lesson
    • Select Paths of Travel
  • Putting up additional signage in 500P and 300P to help patients and staff understand how to navigate our new space.
  • Resolving badging issues and ensuring that all staff have appropriate badge access to different areas of the building.
  • Creating flexibility in both public-facing and non-public facing paths of travel to improve physician and staff access.

We appreciate and welcome your feedback and we want to continue to hear how it’s going as we all settle into this new space.

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