University HealthCare Alliance

September 05, 2019

MyHealth Communication Enhancements

MyHealth messaging has been a huge asset for patients who want to communicate with their care team on their own time, and we are always looking to improve our digital communications for both patients and their providers.  In response to feedback from UHA and SHC physicians, MyHealth has implemented the following communication enhancements to the Messaging feature on web and mobile:

  • Clearly visible medical records disclaimer
    • Clear communication outside of the Terms and Conditions that messages will be part of the patient’s medical record and that the messages are also visible to individuals with proxy access to their account
    • Refer to this knowledge base article for additional details.
  • Enhanced Messaging agreement
    • Patients (and proxies) sending MyHealth messages for the first time are required to read and accept the Messaging agreement that outline Messaging guidelines such as messages being part of their medical records, types of messages that should be sent, and expected response time from the clinic
    • Refer to this knowledge base article for additional details.
  • Enhanced MyHealth FAQ’s
    • Additional details on the MyHealth FAQ page about who patients can send messages to, what types of messages they should send to the clinic, who can respond to their messages, etc.
    •  Refer to this knowledge base article for additional details.

Setting clear expectations not only improves patients’ experience but will also add to the quality of their care.   

Special thanks to providers and digital health team members who dedicated their expertise to improving MyHealth, especially Kristen Sherman, MD,John Carper, MD, Katherine Lao, Mona Sidhu, Michael Kim, MD, and Topher Sharp, MD.  

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