University HealthCare Alliance

February 26, 2020

Message from Dean Minor | Gift Helps Eliminate Medical School Debt for Students with Financial Need

Stanford Medicine has long been a leader among our peers in addressing the high cost of attending medical school, especially for those with financial need. Today, we take a significant step forward.

Through a generous gift, together with additional philanthropic and institutional support, Stanford Medicine will cover tuition and living expenses of incoming students who qualify for financial aid. For these students, loans will no longer be a necessary part of medical training.

At, you can hear the stories of a diverse group of students for whom Stanford’s need-based aid has played an integral role in their decisions to pursue careers in academic medicine, public service, the humanities, and social justice. With these new scholarships, the possibilities only grow. Less dependent on highly compensated jobs or specialties, more students will be free to pursue their passions.

I am so pleased to be able to extend this support to our students and, in so doing, further our mission to train the leaders who will transform medicine and bring hope, health, and healing.

Lloyd Minor, MD
Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine