University HealthCare Alliance

November 01, 2019

Message from Dean Minor | State of Stanford Medicine

Dear Colleagues,

It was a pleasure to see so many members of the Stanford Medicine community at the State of Stanford Medicine. In-person and online, approximately 800 of you joined for this annual review of last year’s accomplishments and this year’s priorities. On display was the depth and breadth of our transformative work to improve human health.

I enjoyed sharing the stage with Stanford Health Care President and CEO David Entwistle and Stanford Children’s Health President and CEO Paul King. A result of the Integrated Strategic Plan, our three entities are now collaborating in new and exciting ways that will allow us to realize our Precision Health vision.

I am most grateful to David and Paul for their partnership and to the entire Stanford Medicine community for your commitment and contributions to our tripartite mission. At next year’s gathering, I look forward to celebrating with you more breakthroughs, more progress, and more inspiring stories.

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