University HealthCare Alliance

October 01, 2019

Message from Dean Minor | New Stanford Hospital

Dear Colleagues,

When we started construction on our new Stanford Hospital, we measured the time until its opening in years. Then, we switched to months. Now, we’re just weeks away from transferring patients into the new facility, and the excitement can be felt on our campus and beyond.

On September 14 and 15, 10,000 community members toured our new 824,000-square-foot hospital and enjoyed a street fair that featured face painting, over-sized games of “Operation,” and treasure hunts. The new hospital made a strong first impression, providing comfort to the many who visited in good health but now knew the kind of preeminent patient care facility that awaited them if they should ever need it. 

I am delighted to see the community’s enthusiasm for the nearly finished product, and more so that we will be able to provide them with unparalleled levels of care. 

–Message from Dean Minor

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