University HealthCare Alliance

April 28, 2020

Join the 2020 UHA Comradery Project

We are excited to announce that we restarting our 2020 Comradery Project!  Our 2019 Comradery Project was a resounding success, and we are currently registering groups for 2020. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for all of our activities and has shown a statistically significant improvement in professional fulfillment levels among participants.  

  1. You may continue with your current group, but you may add additional members or form a new group if needed. Groups should have 4-9 members, ideally. 
  2. Any new group will need to select a leader, who will coordinate meetings. The group leader will receive reimbursement guidelines applicable to their medical group.

Register Here

If you need assistance finding a group or adding new members, please email Julissa Darden.