University HealthCare Alliance

January 22, 2020

Join the 2020 Comradery Project by February 10

Our 2019 Comradery Project was a success and led to statistically significant improvements in professional fulfillment.* For the third year, we are offering the Comradery Project, which will run from February – July 2020. Group registration is open until February 10, 2020.

In addition to the positive improvements in professional fulfillment, provider feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Last year, 248 providers signed up in this wellness project aimed at fostering meaning in medicine and connection. Over 80% of providers said they were satisfied or highly satisfied with the program.

Please follow these steps to participate in the program this year. We encourage you to form a group by the end of January as registration is due by February 10. Groups should aim to meet monthly between February and July.


Read feedback from 2019 program participants:

  • “Best wellness project so far.”
  • “… (I’m) very thankful for the opportunity to participate and looking forward to the next round.”
  • “It has been a really good way to get to know your practice partners in a more personal way.”
  • It was great!! Our whole group loved participating and even though not everyone could participate in every meeting, we were able to capture a large majority of our group! Would love to continue this particular wellness program. Additionally, it feels more voluntary (because it is) and less “required” than some of the other meetings, events, etc. so we get more participant buy-in.
  • “I loved my group – an amazing group of women that I didn’t know very well prior to this project and we hope to continue socializing going forward!”

Enhancements to the 2020 program include:
The monthly reimbursement has been increased to $40 per provider/per month in response to your request. You may continue to combine groups for the final meeting of the project. In addition to using the funds for food, you can use it for any team building or social activity that is conducive to conversation. 

Group Leaders: Once you’ve formed a group, please register your group in the project here. Comradery group leads are asked to register their teams by February 10, 2020. Comradery group leaders will receive details about their medical group’s reimbursement process and guidelines after registering.

Please reach out to us with any questions.


Rachel Roberts, MD
Andrea Hausel, MPH, RDN

**Results based on 2019 participants who completed the pre- and post- project evaluation surveys.