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May 04, 2017

In the News

Local News:

At Stanford, Algorithms And Data Fuel Precision Health

Building on the key tenets of precision medicine, Stanford Medical School believes algorithms will transform healthcare into an industry that is more predictive than reactive.

Healthcare Trends:

Covered California Insurers Move Forward On 2018 Plans

Despite a cloud of uncertainty hanging over federal health care policy, several of the nation’s largest insurers are moving forward with plans to sell insurance on the Covered California exchange in 2018.

Healthcare: New Replacement Plan In Play

Two House members are working on a revised version of the American Health Care Act, with changes that might appease both conservative and moderate factions of the GOP.

Study: CMS Penalties Unfair, Lower Readmission Rates Don’t Correlate With Improved Outcomes

A new study calls into question the effectiveness of penalties for high readmission rates. A new study suggests penalties for excessive readmission rates of heart attack patients are unfair to hospitals that serve socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

How Patient Portals Can Improve Patient Engagement

Patient portals have been around for years, so why aren’t more providers and patients using them? As the wheels of value-based care continue to inch forward, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to increase care outside traditional care settings.