University HealthCare Alliance

November 14, 2019

Imprivata Badge-Tap Access: A Major Milestone for UHA

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to share that all UHA sites now have Imprivata badge-tap access. Supporting all clinicians with rapid and simplified access to the EHR is an essential milestone to providing modern-day health care to patients and a positive user experience for providers. We appreciate the hard work of our Medical Informatics Director, Michael Kim, MD along with his Informatics colleagues.

At its inception, the Provider Wellness Program administered a survey asking providers to rank their top requests to improve their workplace well-being. The most popular provider request was badge-tap EHR access, and UHA committed to delivering on that request.  

As of October 2019, all UHA clinics now have this important technology that helps us to provide a more efficient practice environment and thus improve professional fulfillment for both providers and employees. 


Bryan Bohman, MD, Chief Medical Officer