University HealthCare Alliance

November 06, 2018

Huddle Flash Archive

As many of you know, the UHA Weekly Huddle Flash, introduced in March 2017, has provided a spotlight on various operational and clinical topics in the form of a quick communication meant to be discussed at your clinic huddles.
In conjunction with the weekly email blasts, Huddle Flashes will now be posted on the UHA Huddle Flash Department Page found on UHA’s Intranet Homepage as a resource to all. 
Refer back to this archive to access past Huddle Flash topics for any reason, whether it be to re-educate staff or to refresh your own memory. Also use as a reference when Huddle Flash POP Quizzes are rolled out! Enjoy.

The Education and Operations Support Team invites and encourages participation from all staff by submitting relevant topics to share. For this and for any other questions, please email: