University HealthCare Alliance

February 21, 2019

How Stanford’s WellMD Center Aims to Fight Physician Burnout

Bryan Bohman, MD, UHA’s Chief Medical Officer and senior adviser to WellMD, spoke with Healio Psychiatric Annals and discussed Stanford’s efforts to push the needle forward on physician well-being. He said the first step in fighting burnout was to acknowledge its significance and how it affects the system as a whole.

“Evidence shows that the wellness of the health care providers has important effects on the health system performance — not just in quality, but also in patient satisfaction, financial outcomes, productivity and physician turnover. We wanted to create a structure that would emulate a quality department — a sustainably funded, organizationally endorsed center that would measure wellness, explore ways to improve it and basically elevate the consciousness of everybody in the organization that this is a major issue,” – Bryan Bohman, MD

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