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April 17, 2018

HEALTH UPDATE: Measles in the San Francisco Bay Area

HEALTH UPDATE: Measles in the San Francisco Bay Area

This is an update to the  March 7 Health Advisory

on measles. Between March 5 and April 3, measles has been confirmed in six residents of Santa Clara County (5) and Alameda County (1), all unvaccinated. One additional linked case has been confirmed in Nevada. All cases are linked to an unvaccinated traveler who was exposed in Europe and developed measles after returning to the San Francisco Bay Area. Local health departments are conducting contact investigations to prevent further spread. Measles is very infectious, and airborne transmission can occur in settings with large numbers of people like healthcare facilities, schools, childcare centers, shopping centers, public transportation, airports, and amusement parks. Clinicians should be vigilant in identifying and appropriately managing suspected measles cases to avoid ongoing transmission and ensuring that their patients and staff are up-to-date with immunizations.

If measles is suspected, call page Infectious disease, Infection Prevention (pager 16167), and then contact the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (SCCPHD) at 408-885-4214. After hours, call county communications at 408-998-3438 and ask for the Health Officer on call.