University HealthCare Alliance

May 08, 2020

Guidelines for Contactless Check-in/Check-Out

As we ramp back up reopening our clinics, both patients and staff seek ways to prevent infection by limiting the number of surfaces touched and people in close proximity. The attached document provides ways to leverage MyHealth to increase staff and patient safety through our built-in contactless functionalities.

MyHealth Resources

  • SharePoint Site: Central site for all MyHealth-related resources and information.
  • Marketing Portal: Self-service portal to order patient-friendly marketing materials.
  • Dashboard: Reporting dashboard for MyHealth metrics. [Request access via ServiceNow]
  • HealthStream Training: Overview of MyHealth Inpatient and/or Outpatient features.
  • FAQs: Patient-facing site with common questions and answers about MyHealth.


Check-in / Check-out at Clinics