University HealthCare Alliance

June 13, 2017

Excellent Reviews of our UHA Providers & Practices (May 30th-June 11th)

Geeta Krishnapriyan, MD
June 11, 2017:
Saw Dr Krishnapriyan for the first time after getting medicare 10 days ago (June 17)She heard all my complains from years of bad experiences with kaiser permanante. She took care of all my issues right away. I am seeing specialists for all my health concerens. I did my research before going to her and am confident that she will take care pf all my issues.

John Louie, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates
June 10, 2017:
Dr. Louie is very knowledgeable and if he doesn’t know the answer he will figure it out! He is very kind and caring. A few of my friends go to him and they feel the same!

Eve Ladwig-Scott, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
June 10, 2017:
Dr. Ladwig-Scott is an absolutely amazing OB-GYN that you will ever meet. She is super friendly and is always prepared. She went out of her way to help us save money by ordering in a different prescription. Moreover, her diagnosis and treatments are super accurate and to the mark. We are so happy that she was the person who brought our daughter to this world. Anyone, who is ever looking for a OB-GYN, should connect with her. She is probably the best OB-GYN in Bay Area.

Anuradhika Kandula, MD | Endocrine Medical Associates
June 8, 2017:
Iv’e been seeing Dr. Kandula for the pass 2 months now. She has been great in explaining my diagnosis and course of treatment. Her staff is also very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this office.

Eve Ladwig-Scott, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
June 6, 2017:
Nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Ladwig! Caring, honest, and sincere. A great combination of Midwife/Doula background with an MD expertise. Our experience from beginning to post delivery was smooth & special. So happy we chose her!

Mae Willkom, MD | ValleyCare Physicians Associates
June 6, 2017:
I’ve been seeing Dr. Wilkom for over 15 years and I’m so happy to have her as my doctor. She is very supportive and attentive. I never feel rushed. I can appreciate her dedication to each patient and hope she never changes!!

James Ratcliff, DPM | Menlo Medical Clinic
June 4, 2017:
Dr. Ratliff’s advise, treatments, and counseling have been a big help to me. Before I went to visit him, I was in a lot of pain – I had no idea that a fish eye on the sole of your foot could be so painful. Thanks to Dr. Ratliff, my pain has decreased significantly, and I am feeling much better. Thank you Dr. Ratliff!

Kristine Borrison, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
June 1, 2017:
I had my annual checkup with Dr Borrison, and it was just a good experience. Dr Borrison is very professional, easy to talk to and very efficient. My visit was great. This place location was a little hard to find, but the office is really nice. All in all, pretty good experience.

Ester Kwok, MD | Kwok Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
May 30, 2017:
Dr. Kwok is an extraordinary physician who is knowledgeable and thorough. I’ve been under her care for well over 10 years and can’t imagine going anywhere else for my primary care. She is an unquestionably qualified and dedicated physician, but I really appreciate her as a deeply caring and authentic individual. She goes above and beyond to ensure her patients are physically and emotionally well. She shows genuine concern for those who are suffering and has gone to extraordinary lengths to help those in need of care.