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June 26, 2017

Excellent Reviews of our Providers and Practices (June 19th – 26th)

Santosh Oommen, MD | Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group
June 26, 2017:
Dr. Oommen was my electrophysiologist for several years while he was practicing in Albuquerque. He always had time for my concerns and worked with my medications until the right combination was found. A gentleman through and through. He is well trained and I would say an expert in his discipline.

Michael Murphy, MD, MPH | Diablo Valley ENT
June 22, 2017:
I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Murphy and the Diablo ENT staff. Extremely competent, personable and able to explain things clearly.

Neelakshi Patel, MBBS, MD | Arthritis and Rheumatology South Bay
June 22, 2017:
Superb Doctor, lovely person. I have a rare disease few Drs seem to know about. When I saw her first she was already up to speed. My daughter has the same thing and she has an amazing memory for talking about both of us. She is very thorough, organized, helpful, a great listener, sympathetic and prepared to go the extra mile. She has found a number of medications to treat my condition and has clearly discussed the costs, side effects, and other implications. Really easy to talk to and as a result I am no longer a cripple, riddled with pain. She is quick and thorough on paperwork. The Nursing staff at the practice are also great and having blood drawn on site (and X rays I think) is a boon. My only complaint is actually with the some parts of the office as some paperwork isn’t always returned or sent off and sometimes needs chasing. One of the best Drs I have ever met

Alliance Medical Group in Pinole
June 22, 2017:
I have been a patient at alliance medical group for many years.I had dr sankary for many years .once he wasn’t available any longer I rolled over to another dr.who I just didn’t feel comfortable with.nice guy but not for me.but thankfully they have an amazing lady (Diane)who called me to say just checking in haven’t seen you for awhile .i then proceeded to tell her I’m just not comfortable any longer .and she completely understood.but did offer another dr….all I can say is WOW .thx you Diane.she made me an appt for a physical with Dr.ikeda .she is the best…really she is very friendly.and nice.she actually explains everything in (English) not medical terms.she cares about my health.and her nurse kersharia is always smiling .and happy and willing to listen and help.i actually don’t mind going to the DR.any doctor (ikeda)and her nurse are the BEST.thank you for caring

Chirag Pandya, MD, FCCP | ValleyCare Physicians Associates
June 20, 2017:
Dr Pandya was my lung doctor when I had pulmonary embolism. He took very good care of me in the hospital and continues to provide excellent care after discharge in his office. I am breathing better. He always has time to explain things well and always calls back when I have questions.

Manjula Kamaraju, MD | Samaritan Family Practice
June 20, 2017:
Dr. Kamaraju has been our family physician for at least ten years now if not more.
She started off just seeing my husband and me, now she sees our two teenagers as well.
She is easy to talk, answers your questions in a calm and relaxed manner. Takes extensive notes, doesn’t make you feel foolish for asking her to repeat her answers or clarify what a medication does specifically. She takes a genuine interest in your health and is so personable. Her staff is great as well and we have no problem getting our appointments in a timely manner.
We are very fortunate to have found her and that our insurance has her as a provider.

Eve Ladwig-Scott, MD | Los Olivos Women’s Medical Group
June 19, 2017:
Dr. Ladwig-Scott is a gem of a doctor. She has a doula background that she brings into her practice that gives her an extra gentle and encouraging edge to pregnancy and childbirth. She came to deliver my baby when she wasn’t on call and stayed with me all the way through mild complications that took about 6 hours of her time (on Mothers Day no less). She went beyond every expectation I had for my OB. If you’re looking for someone caring yet also competent to guide you patiently through your pregnancy, look no further. I LOVE her!


Five Star Review Recipients
*The following providers have been awarded five star ratings without additional patient comments.

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Bay Valley Medical Group in Hayward