University HealthCare Alliance

March 12, 2020

Epic Storyboard: Default View Postponed But Try It Today

​Now is your chance to familiarize yourself even more with the new interface as it will no longer become the Epic default view on March 16. Turn it on today and see what’s new.

The default view change date has been postponed due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). More information is available on AskSHC (formerly Epic Central) and will soon include the new default view change date once it is set. Please turn on and continue to use Storyboard.

Here’s How From a Patient’s Chart:storyboard2

1. Click Customize in the activities list.

2. Click Move Tabs to Top.

3. Click Accept.



What is Storyboard?  Storyboard replaces the “patient banner” on the top of the screen. This is a robust layout elevating the user experience by allowing staff and providers to see pertinent information in an easy to navigate, centralized location on the left-hand side of the chart. Furthermore, each section provides additional information by hovering over and allows quick actions through a click.