University HealthCare Alliance

April 28, 2020

DoorDash for Health Care Workers

As a token of appreciation, DoorDash is providing complimentary DashPass for all health care employees across the country. UHA health care workers are now activated to enjoy free delivery fees and reduced service fees. 

door dash


Q: Where do I pick up my food if I order to my healthcare facility?
A: The delivery driver will deliver your food where specified in your notes under “Instructions for Dasher” (please follow step 3). If the notes are not updated, your food will likely be delivered to security/front desk where you will need to collect your order.Q: What if I already have a DoorDash account?
A: 1) If you have a DoorDash account under your personal email, you will need to create a new one on your company email.
2) If you have a DoorDash account under your company email, you can skip the first step and just activate the free DashPass.
3) If you already have a paid DashPass subscription on your work email account, you can unsubscribe to your current DashPass and
when you re-subscribe you will not be charged for at least the next 60 days.
Q: How long will this complimentary DashPass be on my account?
A: It is currently active for at least 60 days, but it will be extended as you continue to fight the good fight. DashPass benefits are eligible on all orders above $12.
Q: Will my account be charged for DashPass at some point?
A: No, you will never be charged for this DashPass subscription (it will automatically expire after 60 days or through the extended date)

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