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Posts for category Inside Stanford Medicine


Study Reveals Immune-System Deviations in Severe COVID-19 Cases

A Stanford study shows that in severely ill COVID-19 patients, “first-responder” immune cells, which should ...


Immunotherapy Shows Potential in Treating Lung Fibrosis

New research suggests that lung fibrosis develops when scar tissue cells escape immune surveillance, suggesting ...


Stanford Medicine Study Details Molecular Effects of Exercise

Researchers at the School of Medicine have shown how exercise changes the body at a ...


New Evidence Suggests Early Metastasis is Common in Lung and Breast Cancers

It’s not news any cancer patient really wants to hear. Cancer geneticist Christina Curtis, PhD, and ...


Test Therapy Found to be Effective for Depression

Stanford Medicine researchers used high doses of magnetic stimulation, delivered on an accelerated timeline and ...

Gut Health

Stanford Scientists Link Ulcerative Colitis to Missing Gut Microbes

Bacteria normally inhabiting healthy people’s intestines — and the anti-inflammatory metabolites these bacteria produce — ...

Old Cells

Inside Stanford Medicine | Old Human Cells Rejuvenated with Stem Cell Technology

Old human cells can become more youthful by coaxing them to briefly express proteins used ...

New Stanford Hospital

Three Stanford-Led Teams Receive Top 10 Clinical Research Awards

Winning studies were chosen by members of the Clinical Research Forum, a nonprofit foundation that ...


Inside Stanford Medicine | Nanotherapy Reduces Plaque Buildup in Mouse Arteries

Stanford researchers have found that drug-coated nanoparticles limit the development of atherosclerosis in mice, without ...


Stanford Researchers Recommend 5 Practices to Improve Doctor-Patient Relationships

Stanford researchers say they have identified five practices that doctors can implement to achieve more ...