University HealthCare Alliance

May 10, 2018

Call for Peer Navigators: Breast Cancer and Clinical Trials Among African American Women


The Office of Community Engagement in the Center for Population Health Sciences at Stanford University is recruiting for a study designed to understand patient engagement strategies that elevate knowledge of breast cancer and clinical trials among African American women, particularly in Alameda County.

This study stems from the reality that there are low numbers of African American women participating in breast cancer clinical trials which plays a critical role in identifying treatment approaches to breast cancer that work for African American women.

For this study, 10-12 individuals are being sought to join a cohort of peer navigators that will be trained on topics about research, health literacy, and patient engagement in order for them to act as community ambassadors. Ambassadors will be expected to use their knowledge to educate their networks of friends, family members, and colleagues about breast cancer and health issues in general.

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Flyers and Information Sheets have been mailed to all UHA practices in Alameda County and will be made readily available to patients.   

Please contact Heman Gill at if you have additional