University HealthCare Alliance

December 04, 2018

Burnout among physicians a pervasive problem that can lead to major medical errors

Take a look at this interesting and informative piece on provider burnout that aired last week on NBC’s Nightly News.  This piece features Dr. Megan Mahoney, UHA’s Board Member and the Chief of General Primary Care in the Division of Primary Care and Population Health at Stanford University where she oversees primary care redesign, precision health, and population health initiatives.

This video also includes Stanford Health Care’s Chief Wellness Officer and Director of the WellMD Center, Dr. Tait Shanafelt. Dr. Shanafelt, an oncologist and hematologist by training, has become a national leader in the movement to end physician “burnout” — the cumulative effect of years of stress that can compromise patient care and cause doctors to leave medicine.

Click here to watch the entire NBC Nightly News story