University HealthCare Alliance

July 30, 2020

Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare Advantage Patients

As we re-open our clinics, we need to focus on continuing routine care, follow-up, and preventative care for our Medicare Advantage patients. Medical Assistants and Patient Service Representatives will be scheduling your Medicare Advantage patients for Annual Wellness Visits in clinic. 
We are using the Annual Wellness Visit format because the health plans are looking at our performance – based on the percentage of Annual Wellness Visits completed. 
In 2019, we completed 46% Annual Wellness Visits for our Medicare Advantage Patients. Our goal for this year is to complete 70% Annual Wellness Visits for our Medicare Advantage patients.
In addition, Annual Wellness Visits are an excellent opportunity to:
  1. Perform a Health Risk Assessment
  2. Establish and review an agreed upon wellness plan
  3. Address preventative care and review health maintenance
  4. Assess and manage patients’ chronic medical conditions
  5. Identify patients who will benefit from the UHA Care Management Program

As your office begins scheduling patients for Annual Wellness Visits, please validate that all required components of the Annual Wellness Visit are met. Please use the standard Health Risk Assessment in EPIC. As of now, UHA encourages Annual Wellness Visits to only be done in-person and not by video visits.

A Clinical Chart Review (CCR) will be done prior to their scheduled Annual Wellness Visit. The CCR Team will be sending you an in-basket message with recommendations.

Thank you for working on this project during much change. This work provides value and quality of care for your patients. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about this program, please call me at (925) 785-8502 or contact Anna Carley at (510) 662-5832.
Stanley Ng, MD
Medical Director for RAF/Quality and Care Management
University HealthCare Alliance