University HealthCare Alliance

September 08, 2017

5 Things You Need to Know About the Flu Shot!

Flu Vaccination Season is Here!

Who: Every patient age 6 months and above should get the flu shot, unless they have a contraindication.

Why: As stewards of our patient’s health, I am confident that all of us agree with this and encourage our patients to get the Flu shot.

Can we make this easier?

At UHA, there are a number of enhancements that we have put into place this year that are designed to make the provider’s and staff’s jobs easier to order and administer a Flu shot:

  1. The different types of flu shots in UHA Preference Lists and SmartSets have been reduced to three (Quadrivalent, Pediatric, and High Dose).
    • In years past, we have had as many as 12 different variations of Flu shots.
    • Reducing the number allows for easier identification of the proper Flu shot. 
  1. A MyHealth reminder to get the Flu shot will be sent to patients sometime in the next few weeks.
    • We are exploring ways for patients to indicate that they have either already received the flu shot or decline the flu shot within MyHealth.
  1. A notification called a Best Practice advisory (BPA) will display to the MA in their rooming process that the patient needs a Flu shot.
    • We are exploring ways for the MA to indicate within this BPA that the patient either already received the flu shot, or declines the Flu shot.
  1. A “Flu Shot Protocol Authorization” order has been placed in most UHA patient’s charts.
    • If this order is present, it allows the MA to use the UHA Flu Shot Protocol. Using this protocol, the MA should use the UHA Flu Shot Consent Form. If all of the answers are “no” on the consent form, the MA can sign the order for the Flu Shot in EPIC, and have the provider co-sign the order afterwards.
    • This should streamline the process of administering Flu shots to walk-in patients.
    • You may notice an “Orders Only” encounter with Michael Kim’s name. It is through this Orders Only encounter that the Flu Shot Protocol Authorization order was placed.
  1. A Flu Shot Immunization Encounter has been created for patients who only need a Flu shot.
    • This streamlines the process for the MA to document administration of the Flu Shot for walk-in patients.
    • This should only be used if the Flu Shot Protocol Authorization order is present.

Please contact Michael Kim at if you have any questions about any of these enhancements.