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Optimizing Wellness for our Providers at UHA – MyHealth
Last year we aggressively started to tackle the task of optimizing wellness for our providers at UHA, by improving our workplace efficiency and by creating a culture of wellness and resilience. You aided us in this task by answering our Pain Point Poll and identifying where we should concentrate our efforts. One of the top five areas of concern included My Health messages, our online communication portal to patients. We wanted to understand the problem more deeply before rapidly applying ...
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UHA Launches Peer Support Program

Message sent on behalf of UHA Provider Wellness Program

We are very happy to announce the launch of UHA's Peer Support Program! The program, similar to that at SHC’s Palo Alto hospital, is designed to assist providers after a difficult clinical event or during litigation.  Research has shown that, after a traumatic clinical event, providers are often reluctant to talk to their colleagues and seek comfort.  These events can have negative effects on the healthcare team ...

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Wellness Classes, Conferences and CME

This Fall is a great time to check out WellMD's wonderfully curated list of wellness-related classes and conferences. to explore the options and select the month to see the full listings. There is something for nearly everyone, with online-courses, CME opportunities and a diverse range of wellness-themed conferences.

Classes are open to all providers, except where specifically noted. From those near Stanford University, classes including Ballroom Dance, Writer's Workshops and Integrative Medicine are hosted on-campus. There are a wide variety ...

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Local, organic fruit coming to your worksite next week!

Dear Wellness Champions and Administrators:

This quarter the wellness committee is focusing on . To celebrate and encourage healthy office snacks, we’ve partnered with to deliver locally-grown, organic fruit baskets to each UHA practice every other week during May and June.

We hope the entire office enjoys them and that it encourages you to rethink your office snacks even after the nutrition quarter has ended. Check out our for other ways to support healthy eating at work.

The delivery schedule will be ...

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Would You Just Notice… You?!?!

In college, I once slept through my tympanic membrane rupturing. In pain all week, I was just too busy with finals to make the trip to student health and too tired from sleep deprivation to awaken when the eardrum finally burst. My guess is that every physician could tell at least one story like this, where he or she pushed his or her own physical or emotional needs aside in order to accomplish some “greater” goal, whether it be during ...

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This Quarter’s Healthful Habit Theme: Nutrition

This quarter our healthful habit theme is nutrition. Eating well is a key to feeling energetic, resilient and healthy. As healthcare providers, you are also in a key position to provide nutrition advice to your patients. Research shows providers who practice healthy habits themselves are more likely to educate their patients on these topics. We hope these documents provide some food for thought about your own nutrition habits, as well as the food environment in your workplace.

The ...

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Stanford Help Center: Mental Health Resource Now Available to all UHA Providers

A pillar of a wellness program is a strong mental health support network. All UHA providers have access to the Stanford Help Center, which has offices on the Stanford main campus as well as in San Jose.

Help Center locations:

All counseling is free and confidential, and is open to individuals, couples, and eligible dependents for both

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Top 3 Areas to Improve Provider Professional Satisfaction — please share your input


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Provider Wellness at UHA Gets a New Leader

I’d like to welcome Rachel Seaman, MD, who will take over the role as physician lead for UHA provider wellness. Dr. Seaman is a huge proponent of

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Craving to Quit: Wellness Program


The Craving to Quit group gives you the practical skills to quit smoking. Led by
Dr. Matthew Kendra, a psychologist in collaboration with Dr. Judson

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